cbd oil for seniors

What it treats, how to use CBD oil in a bottle. Using CBD oil helps with a variety of ailments.

Hemp products including cannabidiol (CBD) are not only for young people. Seniors too can benefit a lot from regular CBD supplementation. Therefore, if you are a senior citizen or someone who cares for an elderly person, it would be good for you to learn what CBD oil is, how it can help an elderly person, and how to use it safely?

The health-promoting importance of hemp seed was discovered by the ancients. This is evidenced by the fact that they were among the first plants cultivated by man. The Chinese have been using it in their medicine for four thousand years, while in India it is mentioned in texts dating back over three thousand years. They were also known by the Assyrians and Tibetans, among others.

Older people use CBD oil.

In historical times, hemp was used as an analgesic, sleeping aid, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and appetite stimulant, among others. Modern research confirms that substances derived from the hemp plant help with these problems, among others.

As a result, hemp can be beneficial for the elderly and sick. The CBD plant has been found to help with a variety of ailments, including joint inflammation and lack of appetite. Additionally, CBD oil derived from hemp helps with insomnia. If you are looking for home care in Southampton you should check out Neva Care Southampton.

cbd oil for seniors

Cannabinoids – what hemp can do for seniors

Ancients commonly used hemp for medicinal purposes, but of course, they didn’t know what helped. An answer is a group of substances that are produced by both the human body and the cannabis plant.

CBD oil from a good crop is better.

Cannabinoids, as they are referred to, play a regulatory role in our bodies, which can often be severely disrupted in people of senior age. The inside of our body is dotted with receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids bind with them and in this way influence many body functions. Among other things, they regulate hormone secretion, hunger and satiety, energy use, mood, response to disease factors (inflammation), etc.

Our body produces cannabinoids on its own (these are the so-called endocannabinoids), or they can be taken from the outside as dietary supplements (the so-called phytocannabinoids). The most important of the latter group are cannabinoids extracted from hemp, including – cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, and it’s one that older people and their caregivers should be particularly interested in.

CBD oil is the perfect supplement for an elderly person

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive (meaning it does not alter the state of consciousness) cannabinoid extracted from hemp. It is fully legal, safe and recommended for use as a dietary supplement, usually found in the form of CBD oil.

The benefits of CBD oil taken as a dietary supplement cannot be overstated. As it helps regulate several activities of the body and is at the same time completely safe (virtually no contraindications for it and causes almost no side effects), it is also recommended for the elderly. It will especially help seniors suffering from:

  •     Mental health ailments such as depression and anxiety – are increasingly being diagnosed as primary illnesses or accompanying other senior ailments. Cannabidiol can help as it has anti-anxiety effects and improves mood.
  •     Lack of appetite – Appetite disorders are quite common in seniors, and not eating enough has very negative effects, lowering a senior’s vital energy and immunity. CBD oil stimulates the appetite and thus promotes the intake of adequate calories throughout the day.
  •     Sleep problems – these also, unfortunately, get worse with age, and CBD oil helps regulate the diurnal rhythm.
  •     Rheumatic pains and muscle aches – which CBD attenuates and can even eliminate by relaxing the muscles, counteracting muscle spasms and acting as an anti-inflammatory, which brings relief to the joints.
  •     Chronic inflammation – including those associated with atherosclerosis, for example, in which we are dealing with inflammation going on in the blood vessels.

CBD oil for seniors – Dosage

Dosage CBD oil is not troublesome, it only requires the elderly person to be regular and observe the reaction of the body. There are no recommendations for minimum or maximum doses that a senior should take per day (CBD is safe).

It is assumed that you should start with low doses and concentrations, such as 2-3 drops of 5% CBD oil 3-4 times a day. Gradually and as needed, you can increase both the concentration and the amount of the supplemented oil.

It will work most effectively if an older person drops the oil under the tongue and holds it there for one to two minutes 30 minutes before a meal. In case someone is very disturbed by this form of application, CBD oil can also be added to a meal, preferably by mixing it with some other fat.